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Guess who's back?! *evil laugh* (((This post contains A LOT OF SPOILIERS! You have been warned!)))




OH MI GOOOOOOOD!!! DR. STRANGE WAS MENTIONED IN THE MOVIE!!! :iconexcitedlaplz::iconexcitedlaplz::iconexcitedlaplz::iconexcitedlaplz: OHMIGOD, I'M GONNA FAINT!... Ah hem... Well, now that we got that out of the way, it's time to rant and point out the obvious (or not so obvious) about Captain America 2! Wee! I'm going to be a little more organized this time, since there is SOO much to cover. So, here's each topic and my thoughts on it, in no particular order:

- DR. STRANGE IS MENTIONED! Oh my effing god! I had a mini spasm in the theater! He is officially my favorite super hero of all time! Do you have ANY idea how long I've been wanting a Dr. Strange movie?! It hasn't been confirmed yet, but there's a good chance. They're flip flopping between him and Black Panther. 'Cuse my language, but FUCK Black Panther! I don't care about him. Just because Falcon's in there doesn't mean Panther has to be. Dr. Strange is ten times more awesome. In the movie, Agent Sitwell spills that Hydra was targeting threats, and he names Bruce Banner, and, GUESS WHO?! Stephen Strange! I'm so happy! At least this way, we KNOW that Strange exists in the same universe that the movies are taking place in, boosting his chance for a movie of his own. And by 'exists in the same universe', I mean that the movies are completely cut off from other Marvel story lines. Don't expect Wolverine to be meeting Iron Man any time soon. BUT, we may have an opportunity for Dr. Strange to lend a hand in the action! WHOO!!!
EDIT: I also just learned that there are 'rumors' floating around pertaining to a Strange movie, with Johnny Depp targeted as the actor. That. Would. Be. AWESOME. There's been lots of rumors about lots of things, but I'm going to keep my hopes up. They're probably hesitant on a Strange movie since he isn't 'justifiable.' All the movies so far, no matter how outrageous (Thor), are backed by science one way or another, and have remained a bit down to earth. They even changed up Rocket Raccoon, whom was originally an alien, now an actual raccoon that was experimented on. They're slowly introducing us to weirder and weirder things. But with the way things are going, it won't be long until Strange can make an appearance, and not be somewhat disregarded.

- QUIKSILVER and the SCARLET WITCH! For those of you who don't know, they are brother and sister. They show up at the end of the movie in one of the last cut scenes, contained and being experimented on by Hydra, poor things. I'm actually not particularly fond of the two of them, but I do know a thing or two about them. The Scarlet Witch was one of the few, aside from Dr. Strange, to take down Dormammu single-handedly by sealing him in Loki's head with a hex, taking out two villains at once. She can also be a temperamental little thing. She kinda creeped me out in the movie when she just sat there, biding her time and destroying her toys. As for Quiksilver, he's really not that high a tier of a hero. I figure they only put him in cause his sister is there.

- HOW COULD YOU, AGENT SITWELL?!! I was fond of that guy after he starred in a Marvel one-shot. Then he put his lot in with Hydra. Why?! He was adorable where he was! Then again, he kinda got thrown out of a car by Winter Solider and possibly ran over by a truck, so I guess everybody wins. Sorta.

- WINTER SOLIDER! Ah, he was the one I went to see this movie for! I mean really, how can some eye liner, longer hair, mask, and metal arm suddenly make a guy look so sexy? I guess I just tend to go for the ninja-like guys with a medium build. It was almost hard to watch him go through that pain he did. Sexy aside, he was a lot more unstable than I imagined him to be, which just made him more attractive. And for heavens sake, HE SAVES CAP! OH, you gotta dig those villains that end up risking it all for the hero! I'm just interested now in which way he leans in the future, if he is bound to return. I'm sure he is, with Cap on his tail. He'll probably just want to be left alone at first. BUT WHATEVER! Thor just got knocked from my list of top 3 Sexy Dudes by this guy! (the other two being Hawkeye and Loki)

- NO TRICARRIER! I was really hoping they would upgrade that amazing ship, but it turns out they were making three little ones under Hydra influence. What a bummer. Without Nick Fury around anymore, this just got a whole lot more... mysterious.

- DR. STRANGE IS MENTIONED!... Wait, I already said that...

- ARNIM ZOLA!... To be perfectly honest, I don't really care for him. I find him a bit lame as a villain. For him to show up in Cap 2 to monologue for two minutes wasn't exactly groundbreaking, but could be pretty interesting for some people. Just not me.

- WIDOW'S NECKLACE! Did you see it?! At first, I thought for sure that she and Cap were going to hatch some kind of relationship, plunging Hawkeye into the bitter grudge match with the super soldier that some people know from the comics. Hawkeye don't like Cap very much. He's always trying to outdo him. I thought to myself, he needs a kind of leverage to start hating Cap, so why not steal his crush? Well, the moment I got a good look at her in the movie, I knew her and Cap just wasn't going to happen. Why? The necklace, I tell you. *whispers* At the end of the sterling chain was diamond arrow! What does that tell you?!

- FALCON! Imagine the Cap taking a jog about the D.C. center lake, along with his new jogging buddy. He continues to lap Falcon time and time again. "On your left... on your left... on your left..." "Come on, man!" "On your left..." "Don't you say it-!" "On your left..." "WHAT THE HELL, man?! Why don't you take another lap?! Did you do it?! I swore I just saw you do it again when I blinked!" Dude was pretty funny. I liked him.

- STAN LEE! Always look for the Stan Lee. You couldn't miss him this time. He was the security guard at the museum where Cap got his suit back. He looked up to see the naked mannequin, while muttering to himself. "Oh, I am so fired." Probably one of his best cameos to date.

- MOCKINGBIRD and AGENT 13? She isn't very well known, but I swear Mockingbird has to be one of the Marvel agents that helped Cap along the way. There were a few good female agents that could qualify as her. Also Agent 13, or Shannon Carter, is Cap's neighbor. Little does he know, she is the niece of his old girlfriend, Peggy Carter, whom we also took a sad peek-see with that awesome CGI to make her look older in her Alzheimer's state.

- DR. STRANGE IS MENTIONED!... Ok, I may be a little over Cloud 9 for this guy. Don't judge me.

Aaaand, that's about it for this one. Feel free to voice your opinions below. I know I probably didn't cover everything, but I'm tired and want to go to bed to dream about Winter Soldier... in that chair... with his shirt off- ANYWAY! I'll see you all next time! Bye!

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Kristina Miller
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MY POLICY ON COMMISSIONS AND REQUESTS - I don't have any points, and I don't plan to get any. I'll do both 2D and 3D requests for free for anyone, but unless you do my request for free, I'm not paying anyone points. I understand some of you make a bit of a living in paid points, but I just can't pay. If your one of those people, let me know and I'll leave you alone. I'm not one of those haggle people who bug for free stuff.

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Hi there! My name is K. B. Miller, but you can call me Kristina or Galacta. I am a huge Star Wars and Kirby nut, resently falling in love with the Avengers and Marvel. I'm a bit of a geek/nerd, but don't be afraid to talk to me, I'm not like some of those jerks out there. ^^ I hope to make a living in Animation, Movie Directing and Writing, and Graphic Arts. With these, I hope to span out and stretch my abilities so as not to focus on one thing. I don't specifically have a religion, but I'm no atheist. I believe in the Aura, a power that spans around us and through us. I also love animals and more cartoony things, so don't be surprised by all the simple stuff I draw or model. I'm not too good at draw people, but I'm getting better! ^^

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